Family Law Resource Center has compiled a list of resources for family law. Please choose from any of the items below:

  1. La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§ 9:315 to 9:315.14 (and following sections)
  2. Louisiana Support Enforcement Services, Office of Family Support
  3. Finding Louisiana Legislative History Materials
  4. Louisiana Constitutional Law - History
  5. Neighbor Law: Dealing with Problem Neighbors
  6. Selected Guide to Legal Forms

State law on divorce and child custody (Louisiana):

  1. Child Support - Civil Code 141
  2. Court to determine custody - Civil Code 131
  3. Effect of divorce on community property regime - Civil Code 159
  4. Spousal support; authority of court - Civil Code 111
  5. Surrender of Parental Rights - Children's Code 1101, Title XI, Surrender of Parental Rights, Chapter 1, Preliminary Provisions
  6. Termination of marriage - Civil Code 101
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