Product Features

Worksheet Features & Options

  • Multiple Worksheet Formats
    1. Joint Custody
    2. Shared Custody
    3. Split Custody
  • Save In-progress Worksheets
  • Store Detailed Client Information
    1. Stores clients alphabetically for easy searching
    2. Quick reference shows client name, type of worksheet, and date created
    3. Each client has the following information associated with it:
      1. Name
      2. Address
      3. Contact Number
      4. City
      5. State
      6. Zip 
  • Pre-populated Parish and Court Information
  • Logical Payer and Payee Listings
  • PDF Print-outs

Member Resources

  • Instant Access through Online Registration
  • Help Desk
    1. Create Help Tickets for technical issues
    2. Store records of conversations with Staff
    3. Access past tickets for reference
  • Message Board
    1. Online forum for issues relating to Child Support & Divorce
    2. Communicate with piers in the legal profession
  • Resource Center
    1. Frequently used links for legal professionals
  • Account Management
    1. Update usernames and passwords
    2. Contact Information
    3. Renew subscription
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